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Unlike any other Asian, Chris will never feel embarrass or hide himself at a deserted corner when it comes to discussing about his dick. Being born with a 10 inch dick, he had attracted a lot of sluttish bitches in his college which he feels proud of. Genetics and a disciplined workout routine had blessed him with his 6’ 3”, 200 pound sculptured athletic body that make him even perfect and famous among ladies.
One he-thought-would-be-another-plain-and-boring Saturday, Amy, the babe he had been longing to fuck with suddenly called him up. Amy is a tall pretty blonde with just all around a perfect body that anybody would love to have sex all day with.
“C, come over to Hotel XXX now. I need you to help me!”
“Amy? But I…”
"You will be coming to help me out, right?"
“But, help what?”
“Come and I’ll tell ya what to do…”

Without even listening to what Chris going to say, Amy ended the phone. Her heart was bouncing with excitement. She sat on the floor of the hotel room, the rays of light of the sun shining through the white curtains and playing across her perfect body, waiting for the excitement that due to arrive soon. As such she sat, waiting patiently for the arrival of the muscular guy with the perfect well hung dick that would satisfy her sexual needs. Standing next to Amy was another muscular man that awaits the arrival of Chris. He was smiling and couldn’t imagine how lucky he was. Jack couldn’t wait any longer because he had been longing for Chris to suck on his bloody damn cock and fucked on him.
Minutes later, there came a rustle at the door, and he came in, wearing a curious look on his face. He looked tentatively into Amy’s eyes, wondering why she called him to come here at the first place. Then, when he looked on Amy’s wearing and noticed Jack’s, he quickly received the hints. He looked at her directly in the eye, nodded his head in approval and slowly reached behind her to undo the knot of her bikini. Amy could practically see Chris’ cock throbbing as inside his pants a large bulge was rapidly growing. She smiled in satisfaction as his gaze ran down her body over her chest and stared at her 36C boobs. Her pert, pointed dark nipple in front of him caused him unable resist dropping a hand down to her chest and playing the nipples repeatedly with his fingers. His teasing caused her to start moaning, spasms were running through her body simultaneously.
Jack dragged Chris aside and wanted Chris to give him some pleasure as well. He grabbed Chris by the head and pulls him towards his well hung cock .Chris sucked and licked the cock before playing with his huge ball continuously as the pre-cum began to bubble on the head of his cock and Jack moaned in excitement.

“Holy fuck!”

“Don’t stop! Rub them harder!” Amy yelled while dragging Chris’ hand back to her boobs again.

Chris showed an evil grins and moved away from Jack’s huge well hung dick before using his filthy hands cupped and gently squeezed Amy’s tits. Her boobs had always been her most erogenous area and her stiff, thimble-sized nipples were so sensitive that she occasionally reached orgasm just by having them teased continuously. As her nipple grew harder, Chris started to bite and suck her nipples. Hearing her soft moans, he could tell that she was enjoying and aching for more. At the same time, Jack was playing with Amy’s pussy. He found her clit and started moving his finger round over her swollen bud every now and then dipped his middle finger deep inside her pussy before bringing his soaking finger up to her mouth and coated her lips with her own pussy juice. Amy was undoubtedly enjoying what Chris was doing. Comparing to Jack’s previous action of groping her breasts with raw enthusiasm rather than any sense of respectful gentility, Chris’ definitely gave more pleasure. The sensation of having her breasts touched, kissed and sucked made her hornier. Simultaneously, she could feel her nipples hardening.

"I didn't say you can suck them"

She giggled, yet making no attempt to push him off her hard nipples. Chris ignored Amy and continued kissing and sucking all the way down Amy’s hot body and stopped at her pussy. He touched it before starting eating and licking up her already wet pussy. Amy felt a blush rising but said nothing other than a brief "Noooo, please not there" and she merely spread her legs even wider , letting Chris continue to tease her with the wet licking around her hairy pussy.
Out of the blue, she pushed Chris away and talked to him in a sweet and horny voice like a total slut.
"Well, aren't you going to strip too or you’re waiting for me to strip for you?"
Without any hesitation, Jack came near Chris and took off his pants and roughly grabbed his ass, totally ignored the existence of Amy. A 10 inch cock sprang out of his boxers as he dropped his jaw in amazement, refusing to believe it was that big. He couldn’t resist the temptation and laid his hand on the well hung cock and started stroking it repeatedly. As he continued jacking off Patrick, he found his hand moving down to play with his balls. Chris was nervous; this was the first time another guy had touched his cock and gave him a blowjob. It definitely felt weird to have another muscular guy like him kneeling on the floor sucking his cock. Yet, he was horny like hell and moaned a little indicating that he liked it. He wanted more…His cock was deep inside Jack’s throat. The feeling was so great that his whole body was shaking in pleasure. Chris pushed Jack down to the bed and laid on top of Jack with his dick in Jack’s mouth slamming down on his face.

Jack then put his mouth around the top of the cock and started to suck it like a lollipop and even licked it repeatedly. Chris then grabbed him by the head and started smashing it against his pubic hair! He simply loved the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of another muscular guy’s soft and wet mouth. His cock was so big that Jack could hardly put the whole thing inside his mouth. Immediately, the cock filled his mouth with hot milky steamy semen. The juices were now flooding out of his mouth and he just couldn’t lick it like licking an ice-cream, so delicious, so yummy that he swallowed every last drop.
The scene of 2 muscular guy satisfying each other hunger of sex with their well hung dicks made Amy even hornier. Yet, she decided to step aside and let them enjoyed themselves while she got herself watching this gay fuck between these two muscular guy.
”I want a 69" Jack said.
Chris nodded his head and lay down on the bed. His head was facing Jack’s dick, and Jack was facing his. Both of them started sucking each other cock. It was weird for Chris to feel it shooting into his mouth; he didn’t let any cum spill out though but swallowed it all. Both of them came hard and screamed and yelled. Chris moaned a little but Jack could tell that Chris loved it.
“I gonna fuck you hard!” Chris yelled.
Chris took Jack by the back of the neck led him over to desk and bended him over before inserting his huge well hung cock into his exposed hole and butt fucked Jack. It wasn't nearly as bad as he imagined and that particular moment he was enjoying putting his well hung cock inside that muscular man tight hole. He pushed his dick deeper and faster into the tight hole and fucked Jack like the other bitches he fucked before. His balls bounced and hit on Jack’s ass, making Jack even hornier. His ass hole started clenching tight on Chris’ cock Chris just continued fucking him while Jack on the other hand, kept trying to muster up all the words that Chris barely could understand. Ignoring what Jack trying to tell him, he pumped his cock backwards and forwards and fucked him as if this was his last time to fuck someone.
So, he grabbed his hips and began ramming his pulsing cock into him even harder and faster.

"Ugh... ugh... uh..." Jack breathed out.

“Like it?”

“Gimme more..Harder and deeper.”

“I’m Cumming!!”

He shrieked in excitement and cum kept coming out of his stiff hard cock. Chris continued to moan and groan as he pumped his cock backwards and forwards into Jack’s reddish ass hole before ejaculating the last of his male semen into him. After that orgasm, they broke apart, looking at each other. Both of them were covered in sweat and gasping for breath. Amy laughed and moved towards them, playing with their dicks. She just gasped thinking how tired she would be if she took on these two muscular men with well hung huge dicks.

Muscle men hung

Gay muscle men
Reader submission
The perception of people towards homosexuality or being gay can vary greatly. On one side of the spectrum, there are people who view gay men as those who dress as women, are effeminate in their gestures, and who are fragile and not so tough on the exterior. On the other hand, if you would view the perspectives and notions of an increasing number of people, there are those who believe that gay muscle men can also be masculine, and may even possess attributes and behaviors that make them pass off as heterosexuals.
Gay muscle men are now changing the common notion of modern society towards male homosexuality. In fact, there are a huge number of gay muscle men who strongly believe that their being homosexual should not in any way make their bodies less male. They understand that as men, they should still take care of their bodies, be physically fit, and even make their bodies more attractive to others.
Who says gay muscle men are rare? Gone are the days when majority of the public believed that gay men are more feminine and behave just like women. Ask these gay muscle men yourselves, and you will find out that even though they like pumping iron, this doesn’t change their preference for the same sex. Exercising, body building, and going to the gym are part of their regular health routines. Not only that, making their muscles bigger and firmer add to their attraction factor if they are looking for men and seeking relationships.
Perhaps, as some people would put it, gay muscle men may be included in the group of the closeted gay men, or those who have not completely come out yet. They tend to work hard on body building, exercising, and even athletic activities to avoid the stigma that some people may have against being homosexual. It may be believed that gay muscle men create a tougher and more masculine exterior, to hide how they really are, which should not be the case, as many gay rights activists would say.
Now, what if you ask women about gay muscle men, would they know the difference? Even if female instincts would say they are right in detecting gay men, a large number of women would actually have no idea how to distinguish gay muscle men from heterosexual muscle men. As you may probably have seen on many TV shows, there are women who actually become very attracted to muscle men, only to find out later that they were gay muscle men. Think about shows like Sex and the City, and Brothers and Sisters, which show several examples on how women can perceive gay men differently.
Do you want to know more about gay muscle men? Are you interested to find other gay muscle men like you across the World Wide Web? Check online, and you can also find several resources that discuss gay muscle men, as well as websites and forums for homosexuals who are into sports, body building, and the like.